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By: Angela Ventura

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Introduction to Kundalini Reiki

The Kundalini Reiki is an alternative treatment that is supposed to support the work of conventional medicine in bringing relief to its clients. However it must be emphasized at this point that the first point of call has to be the conventional medicine. People are not advised to abandon the treatments that they get from their doctors in favor of alternative treatments. The alternative treatments are meant to complement the work of the conventional medicine. Hopefully the patient will end up with the benefits of both worlds. The conflict between the conventional medicines and traditional healing is often exaggerated for political reasons. In truth there is absolutely no reason why the patient cannot enjoy both treatments at the same time.

The training for the Kundalini Reiki treatments is very structured in order to give the practitioner a chance to manage the conditions that patients face in a manner that is consistent. The tipping point is the fact that we have to look at the Kundalini Reiki treatments as a pathway to imaginative healing that is trapped within our bodies. They work with what we have got and as long as we open up to them, there is no reason why the Kundalini Reiki cannot be a successful addition to the repertoire of activities that we do in order to keep a healthy lifestyle.

The training for Kundalini Reiki has to go in a gradual pattern that takes into account the different skills that the practitioner has at the moment and the aspirations that they have to expand those skills into something different. It focuses on their power to change their attitudes and to work within the dimensions of a rather complicated healing system. One has to have the ambitions to perfect one level of Kundalini Reiki before moving on to the next. If they study in a haphazard way, they will not receive the full benefits of the treatments. They will also not be in a position to pass on the training to others through their practice. The slow but deliberate approach is the best system for using Kundalini Reiki.

They say that experience is the best teacher and that theory applies to Kundalini Reiki. As you practice the different elements of the system, you get used to its functionality. The end result is that you can end up with more information than even the trainer that has been guiding you. If you reach this stage, then you can turn the Kundalini Reiki to your own means. It is possible to change the different perspectives of the treatment in the belief that it can improve the chances of your success as well as the wellbeing of your patients.

Even if you are not going to use the Kundalini Reiki treatments, it is always a new piece of knowledge that you can store. Life is about learning and you should never limit yourself in this aspect. Proper learning entails humility as well as acumen if you are going to get good results.

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Introduction to Karuna Reiki

The Karuna Reiki treatment is based on an unselfish premise that you will want to help your fellow human being to get rid of the pain that is affecting their body. The practitioner has to think about the needs of the other party and there is a need to ensure that there is an understanding between the patient and the healer. One is said to become an enlightened individual if they practice Karuna Reiki because they are in effect developing a selfless attitude to their fellow human beings. This is the basis of compassionate healing. It is interesting to note that the restrictions on the operations of the different elements of the healing are due to the attitudes of the parties involved. If they come with negative thoughts and attitudes, it is unlikely that the treatment will be effective. That is why it is imperative that the healing is done on a consensual basis.

Perhaps the Karuna Reiki treatments can provide some solutions to the social challenges that test the world today. For example it helps to get rid of the traditional divisions that have plagued the world including racism, ageism and religious intolerance. If people would take the attitudes that we see with Karuna Reiki, the world would become a better place. The Japanese culture has been able to benefit from the wonderful benefits of this system of treatment. However the West can also learn something from the way that the treatment encourages the individual to consider the feelings and perspective of other human beings. It takes a bold soul to sacrifice something in order to make life easier for someone else. The selfish attitude is normally the instinctive response.

In their raw state, human beings can be very cruel and selfish creatures. They need to manage their personalities effectively in order to contribute to the development of the communities in which they live. The introduction of community based treatments such as Karuna Reiki ensures that we can control some of our base attitudes to others. It is the key to building a community that is based on the common interests of humanity rather than the individual selfish interests of the members of the community.

The Karuna Reiki is embedding into the community through various classes that are open to the general public regardless of background and interests. There has to be some quality control when it comes to the people that are allowed to lead the classed. Thus the person that leads the class has to be a Master of Reiki or a teacher. The students have to be able to comply with the different elements of the business in order to manage the tasks that are assigned to them. Learning is just the beginning of the journey because the person has to practice the skills until they are proficient in all they are doing. In the end the success of the Karuna Reiki is dependent on how diligent the practitioners are in delivering the treatment.

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